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I had a setback a few days ago and my foot has been extremely painful when walking.  I rested it for 3 full days and then had physical therapy yesterday. My therapist took it easy on me not wanting the muscles to get irritated again.    After walking today doing normal activities, it is once again very sore.  I think this picture shows how swollen the top of my right foot is compared to my left

18 weeks post lisfranc surgery

My scar is still noticeable, but now I am more concerned about walking pain free. My goal is to walk without a cane and sneakers!



18 weeks post lisfranc surgery scar


18 weeks following lisfranc surgery left side view

This picture shows what happens when I push myself too hard.  The bump (swelling) on the top of my foot is at my incision sight and causes pain when I walk. I am trying not to wonder if I am always going to have pain when walking and swelling  when I rest.  I am back to icing tonight!

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