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I have reached the 12 week post lisfranc surgery milestone….Three long months of recovery are now behind me.  My scar continues to fade and my swelling is minimal when I am not moving around trying to walk.


12 weeks post lisfranc surgery 

 I can even start to see the tendons in my toes once again!

12 Weeks post lisfranc surgery left side view

                             Even the swelling in my ankles is minimal

12 weeks post lisfranc surgery right side view

 My recovering foot still turns purple when not elevated.  My surgeon told me that when my foot stops turning colors, I will know it is completely healed.  I am waiting for that day!!!

12 weeks post lisfranc surgery comparison to my “normal” foot


I am10 weeks into recovery from lisfranc surgery and now I am noticing how ugly my  scar is!  I guess I never thought about it before now because I was concentrating so hard on coping with recovery pain and learning to walk again.

My physical therapist suggested vitamin E oil, so I am going to start applying that daily to my scar and see what happens.  If anyone else knows of something to make a scar less noticeable, please post it on my blog!
It is kind of nice arriving at this point, where my biggest concern is scarring!!!


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