Lisfranc fractures are extremely rare. Only 1 in the 55,000 fractures per year are lisfranc. I was diagnosed with a lisfranc mid-foot fracture of the first two metatarsals with joint displacement and ligature rupture. I decided to blog about my journey from injury, mis-diagnoisis, surgery, recovery and re-hab. I hope other lisfranc sufferers will find information and inspiration from my blog.

  1. Kim said:

    Thank you for blogging! I suffered a lisfranc injury along with fracture if my second metatarsal in an autos ident on August 16. Interstingly, the ER Radiologist said my foot was fine. i was smart enough to follow up immediately with an Orthopedic Specialist who knew right away (from the same ER xray deemed normal) what my problems were. II had surgery on the 22nd and am at 4 weeks post-op. I have been surfing the Internet each evening and until I found your blog tonight was feeling frightened and discouraged by all of the horrific posts by other lisfranc patients. I am now feeling hopeful that this, indeed, will get better. Thank you and continued healing! ~Kim

    • pinkeyp said:

      Hi Kim
      Thank you so much for responding to my blog! I am sorry you are also going through the long lisfranc recovery journey. I am glad you were able to get diagnosed by a good orthopedic specialist right away! It all starts with the right diagnosis and the right surgeon. And you are already 4 weeks post op which means it won’t be too much longer until you can start to slowly partially weight bear again!!!! I hope you have a good knee scooter! 🙂

      I am now at 19 weeks post op and the toughest part at this point is the enduring the setbacks that occur along the way and not letting discouragement and disappointment over take me. Learning that recovery and healing is not a straight line is tough. But let me assure you that you will walk normally again!!! And eventually walking will even be pain free!!! I wish you only the best as you heal!

      If you have time, please keep me posted on your journey…..

  2. Kim said:

    Thanks for the reply! My next appointment for cast removal and first PT is one week from today! I will keep you posted.

    • pinkeyp said:

      That is sooooo exciting! Let me know how it goes!

  3. Thanks for your posts. I am scheduled for Lisfranc surgery the first week of October. I appreciate the information you shared. This will help as I go through my process. I am very nervous but hopeful after reading your posts.

    • pinkeyp said:

      Hi mgreen
      Having lisfranc information really helped calm my nerves before my first surgery so I’m glad my blog was of some help to you. I know you will get through not only the surgery ok, but the recovery as well. Hopefully you will be able to find some peace while you wait for your surgery and prepare for your recovery. Please keep me posted on your progress!

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