Removing stitches after lisfranc hardware removal surgery

Removing stitches after lisfranc hardware removal surgery

The morning after we arrived in Cabo, the swelling had gone down in my foot and my husband was ready to try and remove my stitches.
I could not wait!!
3 weeks post op after lisfranc hardware removal surgery

I thought I could do it on my own, but my hands were shaking too hard, so my husband took over.  The top of my foot was very sensitive, so he had to be very gentle.

Removing stitches after lisfranc hardware removal surgery

My husband took his time and made sure each thread of my 8 stitches was accounted for.

Removing stitches after lisfranc hardware removal surgery

After we were sure everything was done correctly, he adhered steri-strips to my incision to help hold it together.

3 weeks post op from lisfranc hardware removal surgery

I was now ready to do the “homework” my surgeon gave me.  He asked me to walk several times a day in the resort pools in order to begin to regain the proper movements for walking once again.

Relaxing by the pool after lisfranc hardware removal surgery

I was surprised to find that I had to once again, re-learn how to walk by repeating the mantra “heel, toe, follow through.”

 I was not able to swim at all, and was actually content walking around the pool smiling to myself because I was walking again without pain!!!!!!
My homework assignment after lisfranc hardware removal surgery

As you can see, the pool was large enough to really get in a lot of walking!  Once I was able to walk without concentrating, I pushed my husband on a float around the pool while he read a book. Other guests asked me if they could hire me to do the same thing for them!

Recovering from lisfranc hardware removal surgery

I decided that recovering from lisfranc hardware removal surgery is best done in Cabo at the Esperanza resort!!!

  1. Terri said:

    When you say three weeks after hardware removal, are you referring to wearing the boot? I had my surgery on the 19th of December, so three weeks ago today, and I have just started PT. I don’t know how much can be done for my foot so early in the game. I’m still pretty swollen.

    • pinkeyp said:

      Hi Terri
      Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. When I referenced “hardware removal” I was referring to the second surgery I had to remove the plate and screws from my foot. I am now 3 months post op from my second surgery and can walk 1 mile on the treadmill at 2.5 MPH. My foot still swells and hurts, but I am walking! How is your recovery going? I hope each day brings more mobility!

      • Terri said:

        I’m thrilled that you replied. I’m in my 8th week now, and I no longer use the knee scooter. My doctor told my husband (I was out of it) that it is rare to have to remove the hardware. I don’t know if each doctor is different, but I am hoping this is the case because I would be sad to see him cut into my foot yet again. I’m not in a lot of pain, mainly the top where the boot doest bend so readily. This week I’ve noticed that my calf is swollen after being on my foot for hours at a time – normal, I’m sure. I have remained active, go to the gym and ride the stationary bike for 30-45 minutes daily. I had some PT for the first 4 weeks. It’s upsetting to hear that you still experience swelling. How long has it been now? Are you able to wear a dress shoe rather than a sneaker after all of this? Thanks for posting your info. It put things into perspective. I had a partial knee replacement in August and was back to “normal” in a relatively short time. The winter weather and long weeks are making this surgery feel like an eternity. I hope I made the right decision in having this procedure.

  2. pinkeyp said:

    Hi Terry
    Wow, you are able to do a lot more than I was at 8 weeks post op! Good for you!!! Are you still doing PT? And yes, I have heard that hip and knee replacements actually have a faster recovery than lisfranc surgeries. A friend of mine had his hip replaced 3 weeks ago and he is already back to coaching hockey!!! Isn’t that amazing?????
    I was shocked when my surgeon suggested hardware removal surgery. The original plan was to leave it in. But after 6 months of recovery, 28 sessions of PT and 32 HydroWorx sessions, I was still walking with a limp and needed a cane. So he thought I would have a better outcome by taking out the hardware. Now, 3 months after having my hardware removed, I can honestly say I am walking in a lot less pain than before the surgery. Yesterday I managed 1 1/2 miles on the treadmill!!!!!! (2.5 MPH) Most of my pain is located on the top of my foot where the incision is. My surgeon told me that when the incision turns flesh colored, then I will know i am completely healed. I still have to ice at night because of swelling though, so that is a bummer. (My swelling is in the arch of my foot and around the incision.) I am at 9 months post op and still cannot wear cute shoes. That has been my goal since all this started. After this much time, though, I have gotten used to sneakers (tied loosely) and can now fit into both pair of my UGG boots. (I live in MN and we have had a horrible cold/snowy winter) I do have one pair of black shoes I found at that zip on either side of my incision that are fairly comfortable if I am not going to do much walking. I use these for “dress shoes” when I wear black pants. No dresses yet!!!

    I never had problems with my calf swelling, but I wasn’t able to be nearly as active as you are at 8 weeks. I wish you the best during this long and arduous recovery!!! And, I think you made the right decision to have the surgery ! I was told by one surgeon (not the one I chose) that I may never walk again. Now, as I am walking happily through the grocery store, I smile to myself knowing that I am walking again. I kind of want to stop, point to my feet and shout “WALKING!!!” There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

  3. Elena said:

    Hello! I was recently diagnosed with a lisfranc injury that was previously misdiagnosed as a sprain when I fell in January! I am making preparations for my surgery (to be scheduled within a few weeks) and discovered your blog as I’ve been frantically researching this rare and painful injury. I have to say, your story is inspiring, thank you! I am from Minneapolis and am wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing who your surgeon was? Any insight provided would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    • pinkeyp said:

      Hi Elena
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I was on vacation and wanted to get permission from my surgeon before posting his contact information on my blog. I am sorry to hear about your misdiagnosis and that now you are going to have to have lisfranc surgery!! A sprain would have been much easier to recover from! Finding the right surgeon is key to regaining your mobility. I feel so fortunate to have found a surgeon who specializes in lisfranc injuries. I highly recommend him without question because he has vast experience performing lisfranc surgeries. In addition to being an expert in all things lisfranc, he has the most amazing, calm, reassuring bedside manner. He promised me I would walk again (after I was told by another surgeon, that I may never walk again) and guess what?!? As of this morning, I can walk 2 miles on the treadmill at 3.0 MPH WITHOUT PAIN!!!! Obviously I think he is the best lisfranc surgeon in the world, but his background and credentials also prove his expertise. His name is Johannes Chris Coetzee (Pronounced coat see ya) and he practices with Twin Cities Orthopedics in Edina, MN. If you decide to contact Dr. Coetzee, feel free to tell him you heard about him from me. He knows me as the lisfranc fracture with pink sneakers who writes a blog about her surgery and recovery. His Administrative Assistant, Lisa, Also know me quite well. Here is a link to his website for further information.

      Please let me know what you decide! I would love to hear about your pre-surgery, surgery and recovery!!!!

  4. Terri said:

    Is there anyone out there who has had this surgery and did not have the hardware removed? I am in week 12 now, and the doctor has said nothing about removal. He has given me six weeks to completely wean myself of the boot. I probably only wear it two hours a day now, after long day of work and being on my feet. I do ride the stationary bike (wearing sneakers) at the gym and have done short spurts (15-20 minutes) on the elliptical.

    • pinkeyp said:

      Hi Terri
      Wow! You are really doing well at week 12! I haven’t talked to anyone who has not had their hardware removed, but I do know that my surgeon thought I would have a better outcome if he did hardware removal surgery. I think hardware removal surgery is on a case by case basis. How are you doing now?

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