Amazing leap forward at 26 weeks post lisfranc surgery

Today marks another milestone in my lisfranc recovery journey!  While shopping at the grocery store, perusing isle after isle of items, I suddenly became aware that I hadn’t thought about my foot since I walked into the store!  The realization hit me after walking halfway through the entire store without one ounce of pain or stiffness.


26 weeks post lisfranc surgery scar

 I couldn’t stop smiling at feeling so “normal” and greeted everyone I saw with a huge grin.  I did resist the urge to tell complete strangers to notice that I was just a normal walking shopper, once again.


  After checking out, another shopper bumped into me and I didn’t fall apart in a panic worrying she would step on my recovering foot.  In fact, my first reflex was no longer to pick up my right foot and hide it behind my left for protection.  Instead I managed to smile and say, “hello.”  WOW!!!!!


I am now able to walk about 3/4 the speed of other people and I can keep that gait without a limp!

26 weeks post lisfranc surgery wardrobe


I still am much more comfortable in sneakers and decided to buy matching jackets.  I girl needs choices of what to wear in  the cold Minnesota fall weather!!!

  1. Kim said:

    Good for you! It’s amazing how big things that others take for granted are to us! Wondered if you were aware of the “lisfranc fracture club” on Facebook? It has also been a great resource and you have immeasurable experience that you could share. As for me, I am at the beginning of week 11 post op and wearing tennis shoes, quite comfortably, around the house. I still must wear the boot outside of home. PT is going well. I still have a good amount of stiffness in my great toe and when trying to fully flex my ankle. My PT did some incredibly painful deep tissue massage last week to loosen up som adhesions at my scar and that was helpful in loosening things up. As much as it hurt, I’d like her to do it again today to see if it helps me gain even more flexibility. So, still limping and have a little bit of foot drop. Pain has been minimal and I will go back to work (seated duties only) next week. I will be happy to be out and using my brain again! Looks like we both have a lot to be Thankful for this holiday.

  2. pinkeyp said:

    Hi Kim
    Thanks for letting me know about the lisfranc fracture club on Facebook. I didn’t have a Facebook account but finally took the time to join so I could check out the club. Now that it is February, I would be interested in hearing how things are going for you. Are you walking comfortably now? I ended up having a second surgery to remove the hardware from my foot and am now able to walk 1 1/2 miles on the treadmill. I still have pain when walking too much and a lot of swelling. But I am a lot more comfortable than before I had the hardware removed. I hope you have returned to

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