A Reason to Celebrate!!!

I am celebrating today!  
Ever since I had lisfranc surgery  my mantra has been, 
“I am just a middle class housewife who wants to be able to walk down her driveway and get her mail.”
This dream doesn’t sound unattainable until you realize our driveway is not a short driveway with a mailbox at the end.  Nope.   Our mailbox is located exactly 1/10 of a mile from our garage door and our house is perched on top of an immensely steep hill, which makes it perfect for sledding in the winter. 
walking a hill after lisfranc surgery
My physical therapist and I discussed the possibility that I may be ready to take on “the driveway challenge” and he ultimately gave me permission to try walking up our driveway and see how that goes, before trying the harder challenge of walking down the driveway.
Walking up a hill during lisfranc recovery
So, after coming home from church today, I had my husband drop me off at our mailbox so that I could make my first attempt at my driveway dream.  I knew that if I ran into trouble, my husband would come down and pick me up.  My taxi ride may be on his John Deere instead of in a car, but at least I knew I had a ride if need be.
Pain free while climbing a hill 22 weeks after lisfranc surgery
I was apprehensive, wondering if my foot was physically able to make the climb, and I was also curious if scaling the hill would cause pain.
22 weeks post lisfranc surgery and walking up a hill


After managing the steepest part of the journey, I knew I was going to make it all the way to the top AND I made it 

Next challenge—walking down my driveway!

  1. Kim said:

    I am in tears (of joy) for you! At week 8 post surgery, I am just starting week three of PT and am only at 50% weight bearing with crutches and boot. My calf has not been this thin (from atrophy) since high school. The nerve sensitivity today is making me crazy. You continue to be an inspiration to me, not just your progress but the beautiful pedicure throughout your ordeal! Haha. Keep blogging. You have no idea how much it helps me! ~Kim

    • pinkeyp said:

      HI Kim!
      Thank you so much for your positive feed back on my blog! I am glad that documenting my journey may be helping you during your lisfranc surgery recovery. So glad you are at 8 weeks post surgery. That is a HUGE milestone! I agree that the nerve sensitivity is awful!!! Just know that it will get slightly better each week, as will the muscular atrophy.
      Hey, thanks also for noticing my pedicures!! With so many people (outside of my blog) looking at my feet, I have been a little paranoid about making sure my feet look ok.
      I wish you only the best during your recovery!!!

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