Lisfranc physical therapy exercises

21 weeks after my lisfranc surgery, my pain level when walking has significantly decreased with some steps that are completely pain free. 
My physical therapist gave me a band which I use for my  stretching exercises.  I have found that if I do these exercises in the morning, it helps take the stiffness out of my foot for the rest of the day.

Physical therapy after lisfranc surgery

             Here are the other exercises I do daily to help me
                                 recover flexibility. 

 (These exercises are hand tailored for me at 21 weeks following lisfranc surgery and may not be right for you.  Check with your Doctor, surgeon or physical therapist before doing any of these exercises as your needs and abilities may be different from mine.)

Lisfranc physical therapy exercises at 21 weeks after surgery

In addition, I am walking on the treadmill for 6 minutes at 1.5 MPH and walking backward on the treadmill for 2 minutes at .8 MPH.

My insurance authorized 20 physical therapy sessions and when I used them all and was only 45 -50% recovered, my physical therapist fought hard to get me 8 more sessions.  I have only 2 sessions left and am not ready to say “good-bye” to the safety of the therapy room.  And I am dreading saying good-bye to my therapist who has painstakingly taught me to walk again……


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