Lisfranc surgery setback

17 weeks post lisfranc surgery setback
Icing and elevating again

When I woke up today, I could not walk a single step without a pain level of 5.  Each time I tried to follow through with a complete stepping motion, I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my mid-foot, right where it needs to bend.  The pain was so immediate and intense that it caused me to suck in air to try and manage the 

onslaught of stabbing discomfort.

 I thought about canceling my Physical therapy appointment because I knew there was no way I could do any of the physical and balance exercises.  But in the end, I thought it might be important to talk with my therapist about my pain since it is very different from any of the other pain I have experienced during my lisfranc recovery.

I am sooo glad I went!  My therapist meticulously sorted through my activities from the last 2 days while massaging and manipulating my foot.  Together we pinpointed exactly which part of my foot was sore and which muscles were involved.  He also noted that my mid-foot was swollen in the exact places that were painful. 

Turns out that once again, I have overdone trying to be “normal” walking person again. Yesterday in HydroWorx therapy I was walking fast against the jets and played catch with a beach ball.  All of which puts a lot of strain on my mid-foot.  In addition, the water level was a little lower than usual.  I did ice after HydroWorx thinking that would keep my foot from swelling.

In the afternoon I went to the Parade of Homes which requires that you take your shoes off while walking through the rooms.   The muscles used while walking have to work twice as hard when you walk barefoot and my foot was not used to this new intensity.  

So today my therapist did a lot of massage/manipulation followed by electrotherapy with ice.  I was concerned having a titanium plate in my foot would be painful with electrotherapy, but it actually felt great!  And of course ice ALWAYS helps.  I am so thankful I have a therapist who took the time to listen and got to the bottom of not only where my pain is, but what most likely caused it to happen.  

After talking with my therapist, I am not worried about the intensity of the pain anymore and know it is just a matter of doing too much too soon.  The harder part for me now is that once again I am stuck at home, sitting in my favorite chair, elevating and icing for the rest of day.  I just hope tomorrow I will be more mobile again otherwise it will surely be another day of rest for me!


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