I’m tired of my lisfranc recovery journey

I am entering my 17th week of my lisfranc recovery journey and am sick and tired of this whole healing process and the amount of time it is taking to be a normal walking, human being!!!


We had out of town family staying with us for Labor Day and decided to invite extended family members over for a Labor Day BBQ.  Because of my mobility issues, our outside table still had last winter’s dirt on it and we had not even bothered to put up the table umbrella yet.  

Yesterday, I decided that my foot was feeling good enough to be able to help out with getting things in order.  In fact, the problem with being in my 17th week of lisfranc recovery, there are moments (not minutes yet) where I actually forget that I am still healing.  During one of my momentary lapses into thinking I am normal again,  I lifted a lounge chair and immediately my recovering foot screamed in pain.  This lapse in judgement affected my pain level for the entire day.

During the party, I sat down as much as I could, but there were things that had to be done, so I found myself pushing my foot past what I should have.  There were times when I felt tears threatening to spill because not only did my foot hurt (level 4) but I was so frustrated that I couldn’t be the hostess that I am used to being.  

The other problem, is because I am wearing sneakers other people also forget that I am not 100% and ask a lot from me.  I found myself accommodating them, as a good hostess should, but finally, I had to give up and let them all fend for themselves. 

After everyone left, I iced my foot and today I have been off my feet for almost the full day recovering.



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