Foot Envy at 17 weeks post lisfranc surgery

For the last few weeks I have found myself obsessed with people’s feet.  Not in a foot fetish sort of way, but in an all out “I can’t believe how easily they walk” sort of way. 

I watch my grandson’s feet as he easily hops off his bed. I watch my husband’s feet as he walks around our house. I watch runners feet and notice how far they can bend their entire foot.   


At stop signs, I watch the people walking their dogs, laughing with whomever they are with and think “Look how easily that person walks without even thinking about it!”

At restaurants, I notice young women wearing 4 plus inch heels and find myself thinking “that is a lisfranc fracture waiting to happen.”  

Instead of looking at the shelves of food at the grocery store, I find myself watching other shoppers  feet and notice their gait.  I am even noticing if people need new shoes and especially note when someone is wearing brand new shoes!


I see sandals of all shapes and wonder if my foot will ever wear such cute shoes again.

I feel so much foot envy that it is driving me crazy!



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