Fired from the BOOT!



                       That’s right!  
                                  It is official!! 
              My physical therapist has asked me to 
                      retire my boot!!! 


Bejeweled lisfranc recovery boot

 For the last 2 weeks, we have slowly been weaning me off the boot (when away from my home) by using the boot only when I had to be on my feet for 20 minutes or more.  

Lisfranc recovery boot

I am now officially in the next stage of recovery from lisfranc surgery………I am bootless and wearing sneakers full time!

Making your lisfranc recovery boot a work of art 

It is a little weird to think I might actually miss my beloved boot, not because I enjoyed wearing it, (NOT!) but because every time I looked at it, I saw the signatures of all the people who cared enough about me to take part in my lisfranc recovery journey. Each signature represents a person who shared some of their life moments with me and participated directly in my care.  

My lisfranc recovery boot is a reminder of people who care
 about me

I may even miss being stopped by strangers who commented on how pretty my boot was decorated with signatures of my family, friends and caregivers…….


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