Getting through TSA Airport security after lisfranc surgery

  After being pretty much homebound for the last 14 weeks (following my lisfranc surgery on May 10th) I took my first vacation this last week-end.   My husband and I decided to visit his senior partner who has a home on Lake Geneva.  It is a 45 minute flight from Minneapolis to Milwaukee, so it was the perfect flight to take for my first post lisfranc outing.  I was really excited to get out of town for a short week-end.


My physical therapist and I  agreed that I should wear my boot and use my cane to navigate all the walking I would need to do in the airport.  And even then, I still may need to use the handicap transportation at the airport.


I wondered how I was going to get through TSA with my boot and my cane!  As I approached the place where you take your shoes off, I was surrounded by 2 TSA agents who were more than willing to assist me.  They took my cane and gave me one of theirs.  (Mine had to be X-Rayed.)  And then I took off my one shoe and placed it in the X-ray along with my carry on.  Next I was helped up the ramp into the full body scan.  I never noticed before that there is a a definite sharp decline to walk out of the body scan, so I needed help there as well.  

After the body scan I was put in a roped off area where I offered to take off my boot.  This suggestion was met with a lot of emphatic “NO’s” from more than one agent.  Instead, the TSA agent scanned my boot!

TSA Scanning of my boot

Getting through TSA airport security with my boot

Getting through airport security was really easy and all the agents were helpful.  I was surprised they let me take pictures for my blog!

Being able to travel once again was a huge boost, psychologically, for me in my lisfranc recovery journey. It felt wonderful to be one step closer to living a normal life once again.


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