Embracing the sneaker after lisfsranc surgery

When my surgeon promised me cute shoes by September, I think we differed on our ideas of what I meant by cute shoes!  I was thinking cute shoes meant being able to wear some of the sandles collecting dust in my closet or maybe even maybe even slipping on a  pair of low heels! 
 After my appointment with my surgeon last week, it was clear that I will be wearing sneakers for 3 more months.  After I got through my disappointment, I turned on my computer and headed to the Zappos website for some shopping therapy.  I ordered these Saucony sneakers in a  half a size larger than I normally wear and guess what?  My recovering foot not only fits into the sneaker perfectly, I can even tie the laces!!!!
Sneakers that fit after lisfranc surgery
I am hoping my physical therapist will soon be taking away my beloved boot and upgrading me to sneakers all the time!

These new sneakers will now join my cherished pink sneakers in my closet. A girl needs choices, especially when it comes to shoes!   Both pairs have the added benefit of screaming to the world              “Back away from my feet!”  

I won’t have to worry about my recovering foot getting accidentally stepped on!!!

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