13 weeks post lisfranc surgery

I am now 13 weeks post lisfranc surgery and looking back, I have made huge progress!
I need to ice only 1 – 2 times per day now. 
I am navigating fairly well around our house with sneakers on and am only dependent upon my cane for longer distances within our home. 
I walk up our stairs effortlessly
I am starting to learn to walk down our stairs normally, although this is much more difficult for me and I can only do this with partial weight bearing. (Leaning on my cane and the banister.)
When outside of our house, I still used my boot and a cane. 
My pain level is zero when walking in my boot and 2-3 when walking in a sneaker. 
I rarely have to elevate when at a restaurant or church
My nighttime cramping in my leg and foot have stopped.
I sleep all night pain free.  In fact, I cannot remember the last time I took extra strength tylenol!!
13 weeks following lisranc surgery  my recovering foot is very similar to my “normal” foot now!
13 weeks following lisfranc surgery.  Not much swelling anymore

13 weeks following lisfranc surgery, right side view.  My ankle is almost normal
13 weeks following lisfranc sugary, left side view. At this angle, my scar is not very noticeable 

There is hope for pain free walking at the end of this journey!


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