lisfranc recovery physical therapy exercises

Someone who is going through a similar surgery asked me to post the therapy exercises my physical therapist is having me do twice a day.  Please be sure and check with your own physical therapist, surgeon or physician before doing any of these exercises as your limitations may be different from mine.





All of the exercises have been helpful in learning to put weight on my recovering foot as well as gaining the flexibility and strength to learn to walk again.  

The exercise I have found to be most helpful is the Ankle/Foot toe curl.  Instead of using a towel, I bought  30 small marbles that I try and pick up with my toes.  I have started regaining toe flexibility because of this exercise.  My big toe is now less numb and I have regained about half of my big toe flexibility again!

Try leaving your therapy marbles out when you have friends over! You will be surprised how many will want to try out their own toe flexibility.

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