Lisfranc July 4th celebration


 Our 4th of July family tradition is to host a picnic dinner and watch fireworks from the rooftop of one of my husband’s senior housing facilities.
To arrive at the rooftop, I would have to meander through a long furnace room, followed by 2 flights of precarious stairs.  The rooftop is filled with large stones which makes maneuvering difficult even for people who have no trouble walking.   So I knew this year, with my lisfranc injury, I would not be able to attend.
My husband, however, had different ideas.  He arranged to have plywood set out which eliminated the chance I would trip and fall or twist my ankle.I asked my physical therapist what she thought and she gave me permission to make the rooftop trip as long as I wore my boot, used 2 crutches and was uber careful.  
My family all pitched in helping me not only ambulate slowly to the roof, but arranged for all the food as well.  This was such a precious gift given to my by my loved ones!


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