Lisfranc surgery recovery with hydroWorx therapy


HydroWorx Therapy Pool

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Today was my 5th HydroWorx therapy session and I am finally starting to gain some confidence during my water therapy.  My sports trainer and I discussed my pain meltdown earlier in the week, and together we discovered which kinds of pain would be helpful for recovery, and which kinds of pain needed to be avoided.  This is definitely the information I need to build confidence in my ability to stand, balance and walk again.

My sports trainer showed me how to let the treadmill do the work while my foot relearned how to bend properly during the walking follow through.  This is especially difficult since my foot is supposed to bend near the area where the titanium plate is placed:

Lisfranc surgical plate

We talked a lot about my “land” physical therapy exercises and tried them together in the water.  I quickly discovered that not only were they easier to do in the water, I could do them with a minimum amount of pain!

If you are recovering from lisfranc surgery, I highly recommend HydroWorx therapy for a faster and more pain free recovery!!!

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