Lisfranc surgery double down melt down

Yesterday I doubled down by having physical therapy followed by hydroWorx therapy which landed me in bed with a pain filled meltdown. 

My physical therapy session started out on the recumbent bike for 8 minutes which was more painful than it has been in the past.  My therapist did deep tissue massage on my foot before putting me through my paces of stretches, bridges, 6 inch hurdles, and trampoline balancing.  We ended the session with the fabulous ice massage machine.

I drove straight to my next appointment with the therapist at the hydroWorx pool.  Standing on my recovering foot was very painful while I was lowered into the water.  But when the water was up to my shoulders, the pain disappeared. 

We started out the session with stretches and balance work followed by walking on the underwater treadmill.   My therapist was in the water with me and together we watched the camera to determine if my muscles were making the correct motions.  She can actually see if I am limping and will slow the treadmill down, or deepen the water level to take away as much pain as possible while my foot re-learns to walk .

We finished the session with some deep tissue massage which felt absolutely wonderful.  She carefully massages my recovering foot with a hose that in connected to one of the hydroWorx jets. These deep tissue massages have been some of the only pain free moments I have experienced during recovery.  

Click this link if you want more information about where I am taking hydroWorx therapy. 

She suggested that since I did 2 therapy sessions that morning that I might want to go directly home and ice my foot as it may be a little sore.

Well, by the time I arrived at home, my foot stiffened up to a painful level 4.  I immediately put on my ice air cast, elevated my foot above my heart and laid in bed.  After about 1/2 hour, my pain level was increasing, instead of decreasing so I took some extra strength tylenol and tried not to feel sorry for myself. 

As I  felt the pain engulf me,  I was overcome with serious foot envy. Day after day, I have watched people walk down our street clueless as to how lucky they are to be able to do something so normal like pain free walking.  

What is hard for me is I have now experienced being able to walk “normally” while under water and walk a few steps, albeit painfully, with a sneaker outside of the water.  But I am not anywhere near being able to walk down the driveway, or in a mall or the grocery store etc. It’s like I can see the end in sight, but I just can’t quite reach it, and it is so frustrating!!  The harder I try to grasp it, the further away it seems.  

These thoughts, coupled with experiencing a level 5 pain led me to a tearful meltdown.  I just want to be done with this whole lisfranc pain, recovery, re-hab thing already!!!!  I just want to walk around the block again!!!

After shouting all of those words out loud (my husband wasn’t at home) I decided to resume my affair with Keiffer Sutherland, aka Jack Bauer and watch more episodes of 24.  Jack Bauer got me through my non weight bearing period, and it looks like he will also be getting me through my painful re-hab period.  I am almost through season 6, so I hope my rehab doesn’t last longer then the final 2 seasons!!


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