My lisfranc surgery vacation is over!

It has been 5 days since I started physical therapy and my life has happily started to change.  Outside of the safety of physical therapy room, I was given permission to either walk with one crutch and my sneaker on my recovering foot or walk without crutches and with my boot protecting my foot.  ( I was taught how to do both things.) My foot’s vacation is over!!

My foot longs to walk in a sneaker

So this morning I decided to brave going to church without crutches or my beloved scooter, wearing just my bedazzled boot. It is quite a walk from the parking lot to the sanctuary and I knew I was taking a bold move.  My husband was willing to let me use his arm for my “crutch” and after a few steps we both realized I didn’t really need his support physically, but I needed the reassurance psychologically.

It was a heady experience walking into church for the first time in 7 weeks!  The friends I saw rushed over to say “hi” to the new me, walking once again!  The exhilaration of walking far outweighed the amount of pain I had to endure.

Here’s what is happening to me psychologically.  I am now having a hard time not walking!  I find myself more and more passing up my scooter and my crutches and just walking to my desired destination despite the pain. Walking makes me feel normal and I love it!

This afternoon, I paid the price for my new found confidence.  All the walking I did this morning followed by my physical therapy exercises, and my water walking therapy, caused my foot to swell up like a bloated wood tick!

My foot was so swollen it barely fit in my sneaker
So once again I am back to icing and elevating!  It feels like I am taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back.  But at least I am making progress!
Icing and elevating again!

This evening will be filled with rest for my foot, ice, elevation and extra strength tylenol. However, no amount of pain can take away the satisfaction I feel from walking again!

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