Pool therapy for lisfranc surgery recovery

Today I started pool therapy for my lisfranc surgery recovery.  My physical therapist endorsed my surgeon’s suggestion that I walk for 20 minutes each day in our pool in chest high water. 

 I found walking in the water is a lot less painful than trying to practice walking in a sneaker. It proved to be a wonderful way to practice learning to walk again while I repeated my mantra “heal, toe, follow through.”  If you have access to a pool, I highly recommend water therapy.  (with your Doctors and therapists permission of course.)

I did 2 20 minute sessions followed by the exercises my physical therapist gave me.  I am so tired physically and mentally!  And  my foot is really upset with me, so I have to call it quits for today.  I am once again sitting in my chair with my ice air cast on and my foot elevated.  But, despite the pain, I also have a sense of satisfaction that I haven’t felt in a long time.

  1. rhfaus said:

    Good luck with the hydrotherapy!!

    • pinkeyp said:

      Thank you so much! I am starting therapy in an actual hydro works pool today!

      • rhfaus said:

        Great job. Will be good for you but keep at all your other exercises nd stretches!

      • pinkeyp said:

        Thanks for the encouragement! I plan to do as much re-hab as humanly possible. :0

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