Frustrated with lisfranc recovery and pain


Oaky, I’m done with this whole lisfranc surgery/pain/healing process.  I just want it to be over!!!!  I am at 6 weeks 3 days post lisfranc surgery and am really tired of my foot aching and not being able to walk and not having my normal life back yet.  That is my rant for today.I tried to rush the healing process yesterday and paid the price. Unfortunately the friend of mine who lent me her knee scooter fell off her bike and broke her leg.  Needless to say, she needed her knee scooter back.  I thought I was far enough along in my partial weight bearing to be able to transition away from both the shower chair and the knee scooter.  I was dead wrong!My head is not in tune with the current ability of my body.  We went to church and ran a couple of errands which meant I took way too many steps with the help of my crutches. By 2:00 I was back in my bed, curled up in pain with my ice air cast on.We met some friends for dinner but had to forgo going to their house afterward because I was in so much pain.  Once again I came home and curled up with ice and pillows.

This morning my foot was almost too sore to bear any weight.  I had to admit to myself that this is not going to be over for some time yet and I needed to dig deeper for more patience.  So I found a place to rent a knee scooter and have stayed off my foot for most of the day.  Sigh


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