Last night my foot decided to start crooning in pain like a string quartet.  What does that mean you wonder?  Well it was like this.
Since I had several pain free moments during the day yesterday, I decided I could move around enough to make dinner for my husband.  It was a heady idea that filled my soul with delight to think I have come far enough in my recovery to start to do things I enjoy like cooking.  I e-mailed my husband the grocery list and when my husband returned home I was already waiting to get started. He sat at our counter and we talked about our days while I sliced tomatoes, onions and chopped up mushrooms.  It was so nice to return, in part, to our normal domestic routine.
After dinner I was sitting on the couch when my 2 little toes decided to start  a sad melody. It was like hearing violin number 1 and 2 tuning up for a string quartet concert.  I tried to ignore the plucks of pain by concentrating on the TV show we were watching.
Soon my incision decided to join it’s mournful voice to the forlorn music much like the alto sound of the Viola.  Once again I told myself, the escalating pain is nothing to worry about and would subside soon enough.
 Like the cello’s rich solid tone, my ankle decided to howl it’s aching cry.  At this point, my big toe joined in the sorrowful music and bellowed like a double base.
My string quartet was complete with 5 parts of my foot all hurting together creating a dissonance symphony of pain.  My husband got me down to my bed, and I elevated, iced and listened to the moronic music of my foot.

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