6 weeks post lisfranc surgery

6 weeks post lisfranc surgery

I have finally made it to week 6 of my lisfranc recovery journey.  Physically and psychologically this is a gigantic mile stone in my recovery.Here are some pictures of  6 weeks post lisfranc surgery:

My incision if finally starting to heal. But my foot remains discolored with faint blue and red tones especially when not elevated.

Both sides of my ankle remain swollen, but the bruising is entirely gone. The black, yellow and green tones have disappeared.

I celebrated my 6 week milestone today by having lunch with a girlfriend at one of my favorite restaurants.  It was fabulous being able to navigate the stairs in our home, use crutches to get to her car and not be afraid of either the pain or re-injury.  It is a beautiful day and we were able to sit outside at a table by the lake. I was able to prop my foot up on the chair next to me and quite astonishing, there were times I completely forgot about my foot!!! I felt almost “normal.”   Pain free times have been few and far between and to experience pain free moments while celebrating this day was a true blessing!!


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