Psychological transition from non weight bearing to partial weight bearing


The toughest transition during my lisfranc recovery has been psychological.  I desperately want to walk again and resume my life.  But the fear of re-injury causes multiple feelings of unease, trepidation and worry. I am constantly concerned that my foot won’t be able to support my weight.  Just thinking about having to go through lisfranc surgery again and the seemingly endless recovery has the power paralyze and even drown me.  And most certainly these thoughts make me hesitant about taking the next steps in my journey.   I am trying to learn how to prepare, mentally, for each step that I take, whether it is standing, walking, or climbing stairs. I had not counted on not only having to rehab my foot but having to also recover my confidence in something I used to take for granted…..walking.
  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I would really like updates. I just had surgery too. It is very frustrating. I just need to get back to work/

    • pinkeyp said:

      I am sorry you also have to go through this long painful journey. I would love to hear your story. Hope you recover quickly!

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