5 weeks post lisfranc surgery

5 weeks post lisfranc surgery

I am now at week 5 following my lisfranc fixation/fusion.

                            My foot and incision at 5 weeks

Swelling has started to go down and the bruising is almost gone

The right side is still swollen, but not as painful as last week.

My surgeon cleared me to start partial weight bearing which is a week ahead of schedule.  He said I could put on a sneaker and try walking around my living area with a walker!  It was tough getting the sneaker on my right foot as it is still a little swollen, but I did it with the laces tied loosely.

              My first time standing with the help of a walker

The first few moments felt like I was standing on sharp shards of glass!  That still didn’t take away the moment of exhilaration of being able to stand on 2 feet once again!!  I was able to walk a few clumsy steps but found it was still two painful. (level 7)

I called my physicians office to see if I was supposed to push through the pain or listen to the pain.  I was told following lisfranc surgery to always listen to my foot and the phrase “no pain, no gain” does not apply.

So now I am experimenting with taking careful steps wearing my cast/boot with the aid of either my walker or my crutches.  I still have to use my scooter for longer distances.

Partial weight bearing also means I can now navigate the stairs in our house with the help of our railings!!  I have a backpack that I can fill up so I can even manage doing some of my own laundry.

It feels like my life is slowly starting back up again, after being shut down for weeks……Re-hab starts in 7 days!!!!!

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