What exactly is a lisfranc mid-foot fracture anyway?

Lisfranc fractures are extremely rare.  Only 1 in the 55,00 fractures per year are lisfranc.

The word lisfranc refers to any injury involving the mid foot area.  A lisfranc injury is when any of the bones in the mid-foot are broken or any of the supporting ligaments are ruptured or a combination of both.  My diagnosis was a lisfranc fracture of the first and second metatarsals with ligature rupture and joint displacement.  Yes, my fracture was pretty severe which is why I required surgery.

The lisfranc fracture is named after Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin,  who was a surgeon in Napoleon’s army. A soldier who fell of his horse during battle while his foot was stuck in the stirrup would likely sustain multiple injuries  to his mid foot.  Dr. Jacques Lisfranc De St. Martin perfected the art of amputating the injured soldier’s foot at the mid-foot to prevent gangrene from setting in.  I am very glad that I am living more than 200 years after Dr. Jacques Lisfranc De St. Martin perfected the first surgical techniques to the mid foot area!


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