Exhaustion during lisfranc surgery recovery

I am now in my 5th week post lisfranc surgery and each week I have felt stronger and less tired.  I knew I was getting better when I started to notice all the little things that were not being done in my living area, such as the carpet hadn’t been vacuumed, the weeds were growing next to the house, cob webs on the ceiling, etc.  In previous weeks all I could concentrate on was getting myself showered and dressed in the morning, icing my foot and elevating.  I didn’t even look at my environment. I think this is a very good sign!  I am starting to care about more than just my foot and the healing process!

And then yesterday happened.  I did my usual routine of showering, dressing, icing and elevating and instead of feeling wide awake, I did all I could to stay awake.  I finally lost that battle around noon and laid down to take a nap, something I haven’t done in over a week!  I slept 3 1/2 hours and woke up refreshed and ready for our evening visitors.

Today I realized why I was so tired.  Yesterday was the day my body needed to recover from all the new exercise and I simply needed to rest.  On Sunday, my husband and I went to church, but because it was raining, we couldn’t take his John Deere up the hill to the car.  So we had to figure out a new way for me to get upstairs.  I ended up going up the stairs backwards, using my arms and crawling to the next half level of stairs and repeating the process.  I was horrified at how winded I became!  It was quite the workout.  And then I had to hop down the two stairs in our garage to get myself in the car.

After church, we went out to lunch with my father and a friend, which posed another mobility challenge….navigating into a booth.  By the time we got home, it was still raining so I had to figure out how to descend the stairs back to “my” level.  By the time I was back in “my chair” I was sweating, breathing hard and exhausted.

I am not an exercise nut, but I am certainly no couch potato.  Before my injury I had been walking 3-5 miles a day and in the summer I swim laps in our pool.  So this new feeling of exhaustion over simple things like navigating stairs is quite disturbing to me.  I didn’t realize how much energy my body has been using to heal from lisfranc surgery.



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