Lisfranc surgery recovery survival kit

When I was told I had a lisfranc fracture and would need surgery involving 6 weeks on non weight bearing inactivity, I admit I went numb.  I couldn’t comprehend what it would be like to sit around for 6 whole weeks!  After the initial shock, I decided I had to have a plan in place that would make me as independent as possible, for the next couple of months.  I thought I should share my lisfranc recovery survival ideas:

1.  Pick a place in your home where you have a bedroom and easy access to a bathroom with a shower.  If possible have a small refrigerator near by for water and ice packs/ice.  A TV with a blu ray player can ease boredom.

We have a multi level home and I decided to move down to our lower level where we usually entertain.  This space has a small kitchen, bathroom, shower, guest room,  and TV.  It was set up perfectly for my temporary mini apartment.  We decided to have a TV/Satellite and Blu Ray DVD player installed in the bedroom since the first 2 weeks I would most likely be in bed.

2.  Assemble ways to mobilate on one foot.

I have used 4 different kinds of “transportation.”  A walker, (without wheels) a wheelchair, crutches and a knee scooter.


After trying out all 4 devices, the knee scooter has quickly became my favorite.  I like it because It doesn’t hurt my arms like the crutches and the walker, and it  is completely independent (unlike a wheel chair that my husband has to push) and I can move around my space easily.  It also feels “safe” and my foot feels very protected.  A basket on the front is a real plus and has quickly become my “purse” and a way to haul things from room to room.

3.  Set up the bathroom you will be using to accommodate standing on one leg. 

I started with the toilet.  I knew I couldn’t stand up from a seated position using only one leg so I found this toilet seat riser in a medical device store:


Having the arms on the device is helpful, especially at first when fatigue from surgery is the greatest.

Next came the problem of how to shower and still keep my cas/splint dry.  So I bought “the giant condom.”  ImageThe rubber piece fits snug against your thigh and your cast stays completely dry.

A friend of mine gave me a stool to sit on while showering.  It doubles as the “chair” I use to put on make-up and dry my hair while siting in front of the bathroom mirror.

ImageI found a lot of the shower stools sold are pretty low and the height of this one is much easier when trying to stand back up on one leg.

My father came over and replaced the shower head with a hand held shower.  This was essential since it allowed me to move the water where I needed it and not have to move my body.


4. Have plenty of ice, ice packs and instant cold available.  


A friend of mine brought this over to me during my 3rd week of recovery.  I wish I had known about the air cast Cryo/cuff earlier!  I have been using it everyday since!  All you do is fill it with water and ice in the morning and it keeps cool all day!

5. Learn to say “yes” to friends who offer to help.

More on this tomorrow…..


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