Short Outing during Lisfranc surgery recovery

Short Outing during LisFranc recovery

Since my surgeon has cleared me for short outings, my husband and I decided to attend a dear friend’s surprise birthday party today.One of the challenges of not being able to walk stairs in our multi level home is how to transport me from our lower level up to our driveway.  My husband devised a plan where I would maneuver onto his John Deere tractor by climbing on board from my knee scooter.  I then sit in the drivers seat with my legs spread, dangling my injured right foot over the side.  My husband, standing in-between my legs (with his butt in my face) operates the steering wheel, speed and direction.

I had a girlfriend be the guinea pig on the first attempt, while her husband shouted for my husband to get his butt out of his wife’s face.   We all laughed so hard, I thought it would never work, but it has been HUGE success.

I have to say, the first few times were very scary and I was convinced we would topple over and my foot would be re-injured.  But now, I look forward to my rare outings and the ride on the tractor. I am working on getting a picture so that you can see how we manage the John Deere transportation.

So today I took my tractor ride and my husband loaded my knee scooter into the trunk.  We arrived at the restaurant and I scootered in.  Immediately I felt very conspicuous and in the way.  People kept bumping into my injured foot and I was glad to have my bedazzled cast on my foot.

The party was fun, but I was shocked how tired out I became.  Eventually I sat down with my foot resting on my knee scooter.  But after a while, even that was painful.  I knew it was time to go home, ice and elevate.

It was wonderful to get out and see how beautiful the landscape has become this spring, even if the view is only from the window in the back seat of our car.

I am surprised, though, how cozy it is to be back in my chair with my foot in an iced air cast while it is elevated on two king sized pillows.  It has been an exhausting, but fun day.


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