Recovering from Lisfranc surgery

Day 11

I think it is the isolation that is the worst part. Before my surgery, I planned on not being very mobile and set up our lower level with a TV, DVD player, stocked our little kitchenette with water, diet coke and plenty of fruit.  I moved all my clothes into our guest room and had plenty of e-books and hard cover books available.  I made the bathroom completely handicap accessible for a person who can only put weight on one foot. Crutches, knee scooter and walker all stand at the ready to help me live as normal a life as possible.  But never once, did I contemplate how alone I would really feel.The first week after my surgery is still a complete blur of pain and narcotics, and an exhausting revolving door of friends and family bringing flowers, food and company.  Switching to OTC meds really helped with the exhaustion and when all the attention died down, I realized I was alone, really alone for the first time.Being alone sounds so wonderful when the world is spinning out of control, but when you are forced into isolation, it really isn’t all I thought it was going to be.  I was going to get caught up on all my reading, watch movies and maybe even start that novel I have been planning on writing.  But instead, I am sitting here watching the rain drip down in silent drops…drip…drip..drip.

I have my 2 week post op appointment on Thursday and all sorts of things flicker through my thoughts…why is my big toe numb?  Why does my foot hurt so much on some days and not at all on others?  Did I do damage to the surgical repair when I fell off the knee scooter on one of my sleepy days? Will I get the splint/cast off finally???  What will the next 6 weeks be like if I am already tired of the forced sedentary life?

The days stretch on endlessly as I try and think positive healing thoughts…


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