My lisfranc surgery day

My husband and I arrived early as we had heard my surgeon is typically way ahead of schedule.  The dear friend who helped us get an appointment with my surgeon had left a gift bag for me with my nurse.  So I already felt spoiled and loved.

I was taken back to a room and changed into a heated gown and was told to lie on the bed which had heated blankets. I felt like I was at a spa!  My nurse was fabulous.  She came in and told me she would be my best friend.  I told her I was concerned about how painful the surgery was going to be and she told me not to worry since she came packing.  She asked me what my favorite cocktail was and I told her a Belvedere martini straight up, a twist a couple of olives and extra dirty.  And she said ‘coming right up!”  And not only could I have 1 martinis she would give me 2.  I said I can only drink one and she said in this room, I could have 2.

The anesthesiologist  came in the room to discuss what he was going to do.  He had me write on the foot that was going to be operated on and I drew a smiley face.  I told him my surgeon said I could watch the surgery and he laughed and said, it wasn’t like having a baby where they have mirrors on the ceilings and that if I were to watch all I would be able to see was my surgeons head. He then told me I couldn’t watch anyway since I was going to be put under general anesthesia. Suddenly my wonderful nurse who was putting  a needle in my hand for my IV ran round to the right side of the bed and asked me to hold her hand and squeeze.  As I did and I felt the worst pain (level 9) since this whole thing started.


My anesthesiologist was finding the nerves in my foot so that he could do a nerve block.  I didn’t cry out, but I did tell him he was mean (must of been the 2 martinis talking) and he said that I would be very happy with him after the surgery was over.  Nerve blocks can last up to 24 hours and really help with immediate pain following this type of surgery.  (I am so glad I had one!!!)

After Dr. Jekel was done with me, my surgeon came in the room and drew on my foot and assured me that all was well. Since my surgeon had already done 2 operations before me (and it was only 7:00am!) I offered to buy him a cup of coffee to make sure he was alert.  (again the martinis were talking) and he laughed.  I hate to think what else I might have said that I don’t remember!!!

Next I was wheeled down to the frigid operating room.  I reluctantly left my heated bed as I was asked to transfer myself to the skinny cold operating table.  I remember looking up at the white light fixture that looked like a giant spider with 8 legs.  As my arms were being strapped down I said to no one in general, that I was claustrophobic.  I told my nurse that I felt like I had been abducted by aliens and that they were going to do experiments on me.

When I woke up from surgery I was shown this picture of the operation:

lisfranc surgery

lisfranc surgery


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