Lisfranc surgery recovery week 3

Today marks 3 weeks after my LisFranc surgery and is also the halfway mark in my non weight bearing period.

The first week post surgery is a blur of pain and narcotics.

 Last week (week 2) was spent adjusting to being completely dependent upon my husband, family, friends and neighbors.  It was also the week I had my 2 week post op appointment.  My cast was removed, my stitches were extricated and my surgeon announced I had little to no swelling which is a really good sign.

Yes, that is pink nail polish you see on my foot.  My surgeon gave me permission to keep it on during my surgery.  He said the titanium plates and screws he put in my foot were blue, though, and not pink.

I was given permission to go on short outings as long as I remembered I was non weight bearing and when moving around, I had to promise to wear “the boot.”

Memorial Day visiting graves on my knee scooter.  Note the pink sneaker.

Of course, pink was not a color option for my boot.  Being married to a grey boot was depressing. so a friend of mine came over and we bejeweled the boot.  I have decided to have everyone who comes over to “babysit” me sign my boot.

And now I have completed week 3 and I am sitting like a hopeful dog whose nose is pressed against the window, longing to be outside. I am completely dependent upon my husband to get me to the car, as I cannot do steps yet.  I am reclining in a room that is mostly windows, with my foot on 2 pillows and an ice/air cast wrapped around my foot.  And I watch the leaves grow.


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